AlabamaAGC Legislative Update April 24, 2017

Volume 26 No. 9                                                                                       April 24, 2017

 Governor Kay Ivey was settling in as Alabama’s new chief executive last week, putting her own signature on public policy.  The big news was moving the U.S. Senate race from next year to August 2017.

 In AGC news a big hurdle was reached when SB82, the Marshall James Walton legislation, was reported favorable out of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.  The bill now only has to be passed by the House of Representatives before it goes to the Governor.

 What we now need to do is get the Rules Committee to put the bill on a special order calendar.  Below are the members of that committee.  If any of these are your Representatives or if you know them please contact them immediately and urge them to put SB82 on a special order calendar.         

 House Rules Committee


01 Alan Boothe 3346701130
02 Connie Rowe 2055221659
03 Nathaniel Ledbetter 2566019839
04 Barbara Boyd 2562831983
05 Ron Johnson 2568721731
06 David Standridge 2059604679
07 Randy Wood 2562399190
08 Jimmy Martin 2053891735
09 Anthony Daniels 2563232008
10 Elaine Beech 2517692457
11 Pebblin Warren 3342206198
12 Paul Lee 3347983681
13 Randy Davis 2517095619
14 James Buskey 2514630154
15 Victor Gaston 2514022096


Time is of the essence!  There are only 11 days left in the session!  So if you know any of these Representatives please contact them today!!

Until next time. . . . . . .

 Chris Williams
Director, Governmental Relations                                             

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