Incorporated October 5, 1992
Incorporating Officers and Directors
President: Bob James
Vice President: Clarence Burke, Jr.
Secretary-Treasurer: Mike Hovey
Directors: Bill Ammons & Gene Fell


The BCRBA Mission

To promote the proper development of highways and streets throughout the County of Baldwin in the State of Alabama; collect and disseminate information within the County on highway and street planning, and planning of finance, construction and maintenance thereof.

To promote educational and other measures for the safe use of the highways and streets, and cooperate with other national, state, and county organizations with similar aims and purposed in their efforts to establish a continuing highway and street program, and to promote the best interests of the highway industry and profession.

To encourage and foster the spirit of co-operation among contractors engaged in all branches of highway construction

To advise contractors with respect to and protect them from adverse conditions and/or influences which affect their interests

To act as a representative of and for and on behalf of, the highway industry in placing before public officials, engineers, the general public and other organizations the views, desires, and suggestions of contractors in regard to matters of mutual interest

To maintain an ongoing and discerning dialogue between the professional engineering design community and the road and bridge construction industry

To consider, advise against and combat unfair practices

To assist contractors in establishing and maintaining their organizations at maximum efficiency

To receive, administer and expend funds for scientific, literary or educational purposes

Officers & Directors

Baldwin County Road Builders Association, Inc.
2020-2022 Officers and Directors

John Whitman

Mobile Asphalt Company

Vice President
Michael Taylor

Precision Sand Products

Lee Pittman

Pittman Tractor Co., Inc.

Immediate Past President
Michael Weaver

H.O. Weaver & Sons

BCRBA Directors

Chad Ammons
Ammons & Blackmon Construction
Charlie Hill 
Hill Brothers, Inc.
Greg Smith 
Asphalt Services, Inc.
Ryan Cole 
Gulf Coast Truck & Equiptment

Lyon Crowe
Alabama Pipe & Supply

Taylor Renfroe

Baldwin County Road Builders, Inc. Annual Scholarship

The Baldwin County Road Builders Association Scholarship Fund was established in 1995 to promote the road building industry in Baldwin County. The Fund awards a rotating annual scholarship to the Outstanding Civil Engineering Student at the University of South Alabama, University of Alabama, and Auburn University.
Students eligible to apply for the scholarship must:
· Be entering their senior year of engineering.
· Have their primary residence in Baldwin County, or if one is not available, in Mobile County.
· Student must plan to return to Southwest Alabama to work after
finishing school.
The Universities are requested to choose the student(s) with the best overall grade-point average that could meet the above criteria and submit the names to the BCRBA Scholarship Committee who ultimately decides the recipient.


Scholoarship Recipients

  • 1995 – University of South Alabama – Patrick Charles Fraher
  • 1996 – University of Alabama – Noel Elizabeth Gregory
  • 1997 – Auburn University – Eric Seckinger
  • 1998 – University of South Alabama – John Cameron
  • 1999 – University of Alabama – Stephen Graham
  • 2000 – Auburn University – Katherine Swindle
  • 2001 – University of South Alabama – Rebecca Baja
  • 2002 – University of Alabama – David E. Sutley
  • 2003 – Auburn University – Mary Dougherty
  • 2004 – University of South Alabama – Jason Shaw
  • 2005 – University of Alabama – Mary Catherine Finch
  • 2006 – Auburn University – David Palmer
  • 2007 – University of South Alabama – Dallas Wyatt
  • 2008 – Auburn University – Shepherd Stuart
  • 2009 – University of South Alabama – Curtis Bell
  • 2010 – University of Alabama – Benjamin Gravlee
  • 2011 – Auburn University – Bryant Adams
  • 2012 – University of South Alabama – Derek James
  • 2013 – University of Alabama – Lee Pittman
  • 2015 – University of South Alabama – Tim Caldwell
  • 2016 – Auburn University – Katelyn Hall
  • 2017 – University of Alabama -Teagan Frank
  • 2018 – University of South Alabama –