What Say Cap’n? It’s Bonanza Day 55!

Updated registration lists as of August 8th are below.

We are so excited to have one of our largest Bonanza Day crowds with over 700 registered.
Bonanza Day 55 will be held this weekend August 11-12 in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.

Click links below to view updated lists.   If you have any changes specifically  to your boat or golf team
please let us know IMMEDIATELY:  staff@agcmobile.org

The golf tournament is maxed out, so if you see that your team is unable to participate, please
let us know,  as we have several teams on a wait list.

We are looking forward to a great event and hope you are joining us!

Millie AlabamaAGC’s Safety Dog reminds you that We are expecting EXTREMELY Hot Weather this weekend and asks
that each of you be aware of the warning signs of Heat Illnesses.   Safety Plus has provided us with a list of Signs & Symptoms
of Heat Illnesses along with Prevention Methods.   Click link to view information: Working Playing in Hot Conditions Millie

Please STAY HYDRATED!  Appreciation  to Core & Main for donating Water for the weekend.

To view all details concerning Bonanza Day along with all of our Sponsors,
please view link:        2023 Bonanza Day Newsletter as of August 3rd

Attendees as of August 8th:

Bonanza Day 2023 Alpha List Aug 8

Bonanza Day 2023 Golf Teams ALPHA

Bonanza Day 2023 Golf USE Course Rank Team Aug 8

2023 Fishermen by Category and Boat Aug 8

Bonanza Day 2023 Landtrollers Aug 8

Bonanza Day 2023 Volunteers By Last Name Aug 8




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