Congratulations to T. J. Emma, Safety Director for Whitesell-Green

Congratulations are extended to T. J. Emma, Safety Director for Whitesell-Green who has been appointed as the
Co-Chair of the National AGC Safety & Health Committee’s Department of Defense (DoD) Subcommittee.

The Department of Defense (DoD) Subcommittee assists AGC of America and its members by maintaining a
good working relationship with USACE, NAVFAC and USAF as it pertains to Construction Occupational Safety
and Health issues. The DoD Subcommittee provides DoD entities with a partnership that can be used as a
sounding board and one that represents the AGC DoD Contractor members services such as, but not limited to,
reviewing safety and health proposed regulations, forms, policies and programs that affect the AGC Membership.

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