GoBuild Alabama

GoBuild Alabama

Alabama’s construction industry is getting older—and smaller.

Thousands of men and women leave the trades every year, and there aren’t enough young workers to replace them.
If we want our state to continue to prosper, we have to start from the ground up.Did you know that

7.2 million Americans are employed by a construction trade annually.
The construction industry is projected to grow by 19% through 2018.
Each year in Alabama, there are over 2,875 construction job opening
Commercial construction tradesmen are paid on average 33% more per week than the rest of Americans
It will take 39% of college graduates 10+ years to pay off their student loans.
You don’t need a four-year degree to make a living.
Thousands of new jobs open up every year, and with training programs throughout the state, you can start
earning a competitive salary with increasing benefits right away—without worrying about student loans.

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