Heat Illness Advisory

Construction jobsites and other workplaces across America
are being asked to be Mindful of Heat Illness Prevention
especially during this severe heatwave!

Alabama AGC and CompTrust AGC are strong supporters of
OSHA’s campaign to educate field employees
on the dangers of heat illness and
how to look for warning signs in fellow employees.

This time of year can be ESPECIALLY  brutal on construction employees in  Alabama.
Heat illnesses can be deadly, but they are preventable with the proper education and team work.
Take  time to educate your employees on the dangers of working outdoors and the
precautions which can save their lives.


Millie – AlabamaAGC’s Safety Dog
encourages you to
Protect Yourself
During the
Dog Days of Summer –


OSHA has provided a training guide to assist you in which can be found on  the
OSHA  website or by clicking on the link below.

OSHA Heat Illness Training Guide


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