Heat Illness – OSHA National Emphasis Program

OSHA has launched a National Emphasis Program (NEP) to protect workers against hazards associated with heat. Whether your operations involve working indoors or outdoors the risk of having employees suffering heat illness and/or injuries is real, present and dangerous. As part of this NEP there is an outreach component. This email serves as the first step to inform about the NEP in addition to provide resources that may be able to assist your place of employment in identifying and implementing programs to control or reduce exposures to heat hazards.

  • Attachment 1 is our Regional Administrator (Mr. Kurt Petermeyer) letter explaining how our region is implementing this NEP as well as discussing resources available to assist employers in protecting employees against heat related illnesses and injuries.
  • Attachment 2 is the directive that sets forward the guidelines on how this NEP will be implemented.
  • Presentation used during the OSHA Partnership Heat Webinar
  • Emory researcher’s findings related to which tools work to lower body temperature
  • Heat PSAs
  • Heat Safety Tool  https://www.osha.gov/heat/heat-app

Please take time to carefully read through these attachments so you can have a better understanding about what this initiative entails. Additionally, in the information below you will find a summary of what University of Alabama SafeState program is doing to assist employers to protect employees.

UA SafeState wants to help businesses with this National Emphasis Program designed to protect workers.  We have a training grant funded by the US Department of Labor Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, for heat stress training (virtual instructor lead training (VILT) or face to face).  If you are interested in a class for yourself or your company, please complete the link below to request the training course and we will contact you to schedule training. If you have questions about registration or the training please contact Caleb Hiatt at cbhiatt@ua.edu  or phone (205) 348-7136 for course information to arrange On-site or Virtual Instructor Lead Training (VILT).


We can also help with recognition, evaluation, and control of heat stress with a site visit and monitoring for your organization.  Please request onsite consultation by filling out the link below.


If your place of employment is in Florida please visit the link below for USF Consultation Services.




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