Join Us as We Observe National Work Zone Awareness During April

During the month of April  WE  will be observing National Work Zone Awareness.  Please, help educate your employees, co-workers, friends, and family on the importance of Driving Alert and Undistracted when driving through Work Zones.  You may NOT be involved in building roads – BUT most of YOU drive to and from work everyday and many  drive company vehicles.  Highway workers and their families Depend on You to Slow Down and Drive Alert when driving through their Work Zone!

Last year, AGC of America released their 2020 Survey Highlighting the Dangers that Workers Face in Highway Construction.  Based on their findings, Association officials called for new measures to protect motorists and workers at highway construction sites, but cited that the easiest way to improve work zone safety was to get motorists to Slow Down and Obey Posted Speed Limits and Keep their eyes on the road and OFF their PHONES!

In our ongoing efforts to bring attention to the importance of Work Zone Safety—Alabama AGC recruited  the help of “Millie”, a Labrador Retriever, owned by Morris King with Vulcan Materials to be our  “Work Zone Safety Spokes Dog” to help us get this important message out to motorists and workers.

King noted that Safety Posters are often overlooked and seldom talked about on job sites, in plants and around offices.  He offered to help create a series of messages that could capture the attention of both motorists and workers by featuring his “service dog” —Millie.
He felt that the appearance of Millie on these posters could bring an element of surprise creating conversation about injury prevention and lifesaving behaviors.   Millie has now posed for a series of photos which are being used on AlabamaAGC’s  safety posters and Work Zone Awareness social media campaign, and is being featured on this year’s Work Zone Safety Billboard throughout the state.   She’s been an inspiration while she climbed on doziers and excavators, posed in front of and behind construction safety signs, many while wearing a hard hat and/or  safety vest.

2021 AGC Work Zone Safety Flyer 1

Please help us bring attention to Work Zone Safety by hosting a 2021 Work Zone Safety Tool Box Talk   AND by sharing the photos and posts from our facebook page and website.

Highway Construction Workers DEPEND on YOU to Drive ALERT in Work Zones  – Protect Road Workers! Protect Road Users!  Safe Work Zones for ALL!  

 If just one life can be  saved through our efforts—this campaign will be a success.   
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Appreciation to the following for helping create our Work Zone Safety Messages:
Morris King  with Vulcan Materials and “Millie” the  Alabama AGC Safety Dog
H. O. Weaver & Sons
The Paulk Children
C & H Construction
Tractor & Equipment
Lamar Advertising


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