Mobile AGC Member Power, Inc. featured on WKRG News 5

Power Incorporated’s new crane  has made the news with it’s size and unique abilities.   WKRG News 5 reported on this unique crane on November 2nd.   One of only 27 cranes this size in the entire nation,  Power, Incorporated’s new crane can lift over 1 million pounds and is 490 feet tall.
Power, Incorporated Owner William Dickerson said the crane was shipped from Germany in pieces and then assembled at their office in Theodore.  It required 18 tractor trailers to move all of its pieces to the site.

When talking with WKRG News 5 , Dickerson said “The simple version is we lift heavy things for our customers.”  He explained that Power, Inc.  does a lot of industrial maintenance work,
“Many of our industrial customers require maintenance done to their equipment which often requires cranes to lift out old equipment  and replace with new equipment.”  He said that his new crane will be one of only 3 similar cranes located in the southeast.

Click link below to view WKRG Newscast which aired on November 2nd.

Power Incorporated’s New Equipment Turns Heads

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