Mobile Section AGC-CLC Leadership Seminar – May 11th

AGC-CLC Leadership Seminar
Mobile Section AGC-CLC
Leadership Seminar
Thursday, May 11, 2023
9:00 AM to Noon
Thompson Engineering’s Office
2970 Cottage Hill Road
Mobile, AL 36609
Courtyard Conference Room
Suite 190
Major Brad Israel
Green Beret/Leadership Advisor/Warrior Storyteller
Topics Discussed:
  • Leading Self In Order to Lead Others: Mindset & Attitude
Displaying the right attitude and behavior so you can effectively lead
and inspire others to join your cause;
  • Building High-Performing Teams the Green Beret Way
building trust (how), defining leadership standards and expectations, and remaining
accountable to one another and results (the mission);
  • Paying It Forward, the Quiet Work We Do For Others
how we recognize others on the team that we must slow down and be intentional about
their development, invest in them and be certain they receive more than just “on the job
training”…it is all about how we create force multipliers.
Brad serves as President & Founder of Warrior 360, a leadership & organizational development company focused on performance coaching and advising businesses and teams. Brad is committed to the study and application of leadership; this stems from his 14 years of military service as an officer in the U.S. Army Infantry and Special Operations Communities and carried forward into the private sector helping businesses scale while still taking care of their teams. On 9.11, Brad took on the responsibility to serve his country and lead men in combat. He has deployed all over the world as an Airborne Ranger & Green Beret.
One of Brad’s former Commanders had this to say about him: “As your Commander for just over two months and an observer of your performance over the past year in this Battalion, I am most impressed with your leadership attributes. You have a charismatic quality that draws your Soldiers to you and builds confidence in them of your ability to make sound decisions under stressful conditions. I now have over two years deployed in combat zones and have yet to see a leader with better calm under fire.”
Brad is a 2017 Presidential Leadership Scholar and a TEDx speaker.
Please click link to view his video as a TEDx speaker.
Brad drives value with companies and teams through building on genuine relationships & trust, leadership development, and the impact we can have on one another. He has worked with companies in size from Startups to Fortune 500 corporations.
Brad’s greatest accomplishments are marrying his wife Anna and raising their three wonderful and energetic boys, Lyon, Jackson, & Hutch.
Cost for AGC/CLC Members: $75.00
Cost for Non Members: $125.00
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