Morris King and Millie Teaching Kids About Work Zone Safety

Morris King (with Vulcan Materials,  who is serving as AlabamaAGC’s statewide Associate President) along with his dog Millie (AGC’s Work Zone Safety Dog) have been traveling the state visiting schools and encouraging kids to join Millie’s Team to help challenge their parents and other drivers to be aware of the dangers of driving distracted – especially in a work zone!

Morris and Millie have quite the schedule lined up for the remainder of this year.  So far they have  visited Hutchens Elementary in Mobile and  Grantswood Elementary in Irondale.  On their tour in November they will be in Prattville, Florence, Huntsville and then back to Mobile and Baldwin County.

Special Appreciation to Morris and Millie for their help spreading the word of “No Phones in the CONE ZONE!”

Your company may not be involved in building roads, but your employees drive to and from work every day and many are driving company vehicles.  It is important we ALL take a few moments to raise awareness and acknowledge how important safety is on our roadways and in our work zones.  Help Morris and Millie spread the work; it could save a life!



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