National Work Zone Awareness Week April 26-30, 2021

2021 National Work Zone Awareness Week – April 26th-30th
Please help us raise public awareness of the need to RESPECT and KEEP SAFE ALL who Work and Drive in America’s roadway Work Zones.   “Drive Safe. Work Safe. Save Lives.”
This year we have recruited “Millie” the AlabamaAGC Work Zone Safety Dog and some of her friends to help us get this message out to the public.    Please help us share her message to Slow Down and Drive Alert through Work Zones because Distracted Drivers Kill!
Please Host a Safety Talk anytime during APRIL addressing Work Zone Safety.

Your company may not be involved in building roads –
BUT your employees drive to and from work everyday;
and many are driving company vehicles. 

Click link to download a Work Zone Safety  2021 Tool Box Talk     Please note that all of the
slides may not be relevant to your company, but you can pick and choose the information
as it relates to all drivers!

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Last year AGC of America released the 2020 Survey Highlighting the Dangers that Workers Face in Highway Construction.   Based on their findings, Association officials called for new measures to protect motorists and workers at highway construction sites, but cited that the easiest way to improve work zone safety was to get motorists to slow down and pay attention and urged motorists to obey posted speed limits and keep their eyes on the road and OFF their PHONES.

Steve McGough, President and CFO of HCSS (a national construction technology firm) said “The importance of work zone safety can be measured by the lives that it saves.  Saving the lives of our greatest asset, our people, has to come first in the
planning and execution of work every day.”


Millie & Mo 

In AlabamaAGC’s ongoing efforts to bring attention to the importance of Work Zone Safety “Millie”, a Labrador Retriever, owned by Morris King with Vulcan Materials was named AGC’s  “Work Zone Safety Dog” to help get this important message out to motorist and workers.

Morris King noted that Safety Posters are often overlooked and seldom talked about.  He offered to help AGC create a series of messages that could capture the attention of both motorists and workers by featuring his “service dog” —Millie.  He felt that the appearance of Millie on these posters could bring an element of surprise creating conversation about injury prevention and lifesaving behaviors.   Millie has now posed for a series of photos which are being used on AlabamaAGC’s  Work Zone Awareness social media campaign, and is being featured on this year’s Work Zone Awareness Billboard courtesy of Lamar Advertising throughout Alabama.

Charlotte Kopf, manager for Mobile Section, AlabamaAGC said “Millie has more credentials and achievement than most people I know”,  she serves as a Certified Complex Therapy Dog working in the Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit at USA Health Hospital in Mobile, AL. and a Critical Response Therapy Team Dog where she is able to assist first responders and victims of natural or manmade disasters with stress relief and coping with loss.  She also serves as a Therapy Dog for Saad Hospice and Inpatient Retreat Facility in Mobile, Alabama.
Millie also serves as a Reading Assistance Dog  helping children improve their literacy skills, by reducing anxiety when reading aloud.
Her inspirational story of work and achievements was featured in the February 2021 issue of Hunting Retriever Magazine.
Along with all of these “social achievements” Millie  is also a United Kennel Club Hunting Retriever Champion, an American Kennel Club Senior Hunter, and a Canine Good Citizen.

Kopf said, “Millie and Morris have been an inspiration throughout all that has been involved in creating this safety campaign.  It’s amazing how one little dog and her owner can have such a big impact on so many.”

King said that Millie’s adventures have impacted him most of all and inspired him to write and publish a children’s book with Millie as the main character  inspiring children to chase their dreams, “Millie and Mo Dream Big”.   “Our lives are made richer and more meaningful through our dog’s intelligence and loyalty.  Dogs help us overcome the boundaries we sometimes set for ourselves, and Millie has taught me to always be ready for the next unexpected journey.”

You can see pictures of Millie’s adventures on Instagram@Millie_USA_Therapy_Dog

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