Prayers and Donations Requested for Brandon Donoghue

To:             AGC-MCRBA-BCRBA Members

 From:       Charlotte Kopf

 RE:             Brandon Donoghue

Many of you know Ken Donoghue who works for H. O. Weaver & Sons, Inc. and who serves  on the Board of Directors and has served as a past President  for Mobile County Road Builders Association.

As many of you may have heard, Ken’s  oldest son, Brandon Donoghue was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin Lymphoma in March.

After many tests the doctors found that the cancer was present in his right cervical lymph nodes (neck area), left mediastinal lymph nodes (heart area) and left hilar lymph nodes (left lung area).     This is a very serious form of cancer, however, the good news is that it is a treatable form of cancer.  However it does require bi-weekly chemotherapy treatments, radiation, various medications and lots of tests.
So far he has had three rounds of chemotherapy and will receive his fourth this afternoon.  Through all of this he has maintained an amazingly positive and upbeat attitude.  He knows that he will beat this.

First and foremost the family is asking for your PRAYERS.   Prayers for Brandon as he faces each treatment and its side effects, prayers for the doctors and nurses as they treat him,  and prayers for their family that they can  provide him with the emotional strength that he needs while fighting this battle.

Secondly, while they  have health insurance,  insurance only pays a portion of the expenses, and the unpaid expenses continue to add up.  Several members of our AGC and Roadbuilders family have reached out by phone or in person and asked what they can do to help.

We  understand that deciding to help someone as it relates to medical expenses can be a somewhat awkward decision to make,but  please know that any and all help will be greatly appreciated by the Donoghues.

If you choose to help in this regard, a fund has been set up.   Please make your check payable to the following:

Brandon Donoghue Cancer Fund
1808 Long Meadow Road
Mobile, AL 36609


As a thank you to all who have been so kind to offer your prayers and financial assistance, they are  asking  that you indicate your t-shirt size so that they can send you a specially designed t-shirt showing your support for Brandon.

On behalf of the Donoghues and the  AGC – MCRBA- BCRBA families  we thank you for keeping the Donoghue family  in your thoughts and prayers as they face these next few months.

Should you have any questions, please contact me.


Charlotte Kopf

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