Technology has drastically increased the speed and agility of how we function today. At CompTRUST AGC, we are constantly looking for better ways to provide our members with unparalleled services at no charge. Sign up for our FREE App and Triage Program, and you’ll save both money and time. Owning and operating a business is stressful enough, why not take advantage of the FREE services CompTRUST AGC continues to deliver our members.

We’ve got an App for That!

We are excited to announce that Alabama AGC has partnered with Safety Meeting App to provide CompTrustAGC members with a free subscription to Safety Meeting App. Safety Meeting App is a provider of OSHA-compliant safety meeting topics (over 1,400 meeting topics covering a wide range of important safety topics for general construction, concrete, electrical, roofing, framing, etc.), as well as jobsite briefing/inspection checklists, and incident reporting all at your fingertips with our downloadable app. All information is stored digitally & can be accessed, printed, or e- mailed whenever needed.

To Sign up:

1) Send an email to melissa@safetymeetingapp.com with your contact information:

Company Name,  Contact Name,  Phone Number,  Email Address (this will be your username)    Employee Total,  Note: Alabama AGC Member

2) Visit our website to “Chat Now” or use the link: https://lc.chat/now/7894421/ Let our support representative know that you are ready to create your free account. The contact info above will be all that they need to get you set up.

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