VOTE for Mobile County’s Pay As You Go Program on November 8th

Please educate your friends, family and co-workers to VOTE for Mobile County’s

Pay As You Go Road Program on November 8th

by Commissioner Connie Hudson

Citizens of Mobile County have benefitted significantly from the 45-year success story of the County’s PayGo Transportation Program. Once again, on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 citizens will be asked to decide the future of this very important program.


Distinct from the statewide constitutional amendments, the 2022 PayGo Program is listed as a “Special County Election” and is the last measure on the ballot. It is a model program in Alabama unique to Mobile County because it is accomplished without borrowed money and involves no new taxes. The funding source is a county-wide 6.5 mil ad valorem tax which was first approved by voters in 1924 and incorporated into a road and bridge capital construction and improvement program (PayGo) by the County in 1977. Every two years, voters have an opportunity to approve a specific list of road projects which are funded by the amount of PayGo revenues collected.


The 2022 proposal will ask voters to consider allocating $69 million leveraged with an additional $4.8 million in federal funding to fund county-wide projects as well as projects within each commission district and municipality. The proposed project list can be viewed by clicking here..


Over the years, PayGo projects have literally laid the foundation for growth and prosperity in Mobile County. A thriving community requires that people, goods, and services move freely and easily. PayGo has steadily financed the roadways to accommodate the ongoing increase in residential and industrial development that Mobile County has experienced over the last several decades.

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