What’s SAY Cap’n? It’s Bonanza Day 54!

Welcome to Bonanza Day 54!  With one of the largest crowds in recent years we have well over 600 registered to attend.  Below are updated lists of registrants as of August 9th.

We encourage you to view the final version of the Bonanza Day Newsletter along with listings of all participants.   Please take the time to look over the agenda, and the golf and fishing rules!

There are a couple of changes to the event we would like to point out:

  • Please note that this year we are asking each participant to bring their business card to drop in our “Door Prize Box”.    We will be pulling cards from this box rather than using premade name cards.
  • Golfers, please look over the attached listing so you will know which
    course you will be playing before you register that morning.
  • ALL FISH being weighed  MUST BE TAGGED prior to arriving at the dock to weigh-in.
  • During the Fishing Tournament EACH Boat is responsible for having a designated person sign off on the weigh-in sheet verifying that the fish listed are correct, before they leave the dock.
  • As always we are at the mercy of the Federal Regulations as to which fish are in season,
    so far Snapper is still in season, Amberjack is out of season, Trigger is still in but may be out by next week;   so if Trigger is not available Cobia will be put in it’s place.
    Appreciation to all of our sponsors and volunteers.  We could not put on an event this size without the tremendous support from our generous members.

PLEASE let us know if you have changes to your golf team or fishing crew.
We are completely maxed out for the golf tournament with 260 golfers with several
teams on a waiting list. 

We are looking forward to a fun weekend and praying for good weather!

Please let us know if you have any questions!  staff@agcmobile.org

2022 Bonanza Day Newsletter as of August 8th

2022 Bonanza Day Sponsors

Bonanza Day 2022 Alpha List as of Aug 9

Bonanza Day 2022 Golf Teams ALPHA as of Aug 9

Bonanza Day 2022 Golf Teams by Team Number as of Aug 9

2022 Fishermen by Category and Boat as of Aug 9

Bonanza Day 2022 Landtrollers as of Aug 9

Bonanza Day 2022 Volunteers by Company as of Aug 9

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