Work Zone Awareness

National Work Zone Awareness Week is scheduled for April 26-30th. 
AGC will be sending information to help you plan to host a safety stand down or tool box talk  featuring Work Zone Safety! More information to share on social media will also be posted.  Please encourage your employees to share this information so we can get the message out to as many as possible about the importance of driving safely and aware through work zones.
Distracted Drivers Kill!

The Alabama Senate passed a bill on Thursday, March 4th  that would expand existing law regarding moving violations in designated construction zones created by ALDOT or County transportation departments.  Senate Bill 4 is sponsored by Senator Gerald Allen, R-Tuscaloosa and increases the moving violation fine to be “the greater of $250. or double the amount prescribed by law outside a construction zone”.  The bill will now go the House as HB245  sponsored by  Rep. Lynn Greer.  


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