Work Zone Safety PSA – Please Share!

April 11-15, 2022 is National Work Zone Awareness Week

Please help us get the word out:
Driving through Work Zones is NOT a GAME!

Did you know that Answering a text takes the driver’s attention for about 5 seconds—

which at 55 mph is like driving the length of a football field

Don’t Be A Statistic – Drive Undistracted!
Distracted Drivers KILL!


We are  excited to have the final version of the Work Zone Safety PSA that Ethan Crowe with the University of Alabama/SafeState created for us.  He did a fantastic job.

We were so blessed to have  members who were willing to  participate in creating this PSA by providing signs, equipment, and acting.  We could not have put it together without everyone helping.

With numerous roadway construction projects underway  in our area, we
hope to reach as many people as possible to help bring attention to the problem of distracted driving.
Our goal is to help save the lives of the men and women working on our roadways.  We have lost too many workers to distracted driving in recent years.

Please  share this PSA on your website and through your social media.
The more people we reach the better chance we have of saving lives.

Special Appreciation to the following for making this video possible:

Ethan Crowe – University of Alabama – Safe State
Melissa Bonds – University of Alabama – Safe State
Roman Clayton – C & H Construction Services, LLC
Richard Whitworth – C & H Construction Services, LLC
Hunter Donoghue – C & H Construction Services, LLC
Brandon Donoghue – C & H Construction Services, LLC
Jake Coker – BXS Insurance
Morris King – Vulcan Materials
Millie King – Alabama AGC Work Zone Safety Dog
Skip Powe – Smith, Seckman, Reid
Jay Gonzales – Son of R. J. & Amanda Gonzales
Robbie Baker – Hancock Bank
Joel Erdman – University of South Alabama

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